AI Powered Personalization
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Our APEX Personalization Engine elevates your existing systems to deliver automated, omnichannel personalization at scale and across every industry



Algorithmically Predictive Experiences

Leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, APEX continuously analyzes customer interactions and behaviors in real-time to recommend ideal experiences that will drive customer growth, satisfaction and loyalty.


 Focus Industries

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APEX For Media

As online advertising lags, and as the industry undergoes a digital paradigm shift, many news organizations are shifting their strategy to focus on reader-based revenue models, especially digital subscriptions, as a path to financial sustainability. New strategies require new insights into digital audiences and their behaviors and habits. News organizations must get their readers into a regular habit on relevant content to keep them as long-term, healthy digital subscribers.


APEX analyzes the reading habits and usage behaviors of subscribers across digital devices to identify new behavior-based audiences and key actions that build habit, increases engagement and reduces churn.


APEX For Telecom

Delivering high quality customer experiences has never been more important in the fiercely competitive telecommunications industry.  As new channels and devices emerge, customer experience has become a key competitive differentiator and telecoms know they have to care about customers and about customer experience (CX) or their profits and revenues will suffer, as customers bolt for competitors.


APEX dynamically analyzes customer interactions and behaviors across wireless, cable, internet and landline to drive a seamless, consistent and connected customer experience that increases customer retention, mitigates churn and optimizes cross-sell initiatives.


APEX For Automotive

Autonomous vehicles, connectivity, electrification, and shared mobility is fundamentally changing the automotive business model and its customer experience must advance to reflect these changes as they occur. Automotive companies must elevate the end-to-end experience they deliver to their current customers -- from consideration to sale and from ownership to repurchase -- as those that remain attentive to their customers and put them in the driver’s seat will have the competitive edge, and most importantly, their customer’s loyalty.


APEX harnesses the proliferation of digital data and the Connected Car to create experiences that connect the customer to the brand to the dealer to the vehicle in a way that increases service loyalty and vehicle repurchase.


APEX For Retail

Consumers don't just want to buy something, they want a great customer experience that complements the product or service. This is why it's important to deliver a level of customer experience that delights customers and builds an everlasting relationship with customers that builds trust, satisfaction and loyalty.  Omnichannel Customer Experience is the new expectation in retail. To stay competitive in a world where consumers have a growing number of channels to choose from, retail companies must understand the why, how, when, and what behind their omnichannel customers’ behavior.


APEX algorithms generate an understanding of customer transactional behavior across all digital channels to create engaging and contextual experiences across the customer lifecycle that drive repurchase, basket size & cross-channel growth.


APEX For Banking

A new mobile generation of consumers, the rise of direct pay and online financial services, and an increase in banking service fees all contribute to an on-going shift in how banking organizations service their customers. With an almost endless pool of financial institutions vying to provide a wide range of products to customers, banking organizations must strive to provide the most superior, consistent, and effortless customer experience in order to acquire new customers, retain existing customers or win back lost customers. This requires a shift from a transactional mind-set to one that is more focused on the relationship with the customer.


APEX provides an enhanced understanding of a customer based on a holistic 360 view of the customer across banking products to create an ideal banking experience that increases customer loyalty and satisfaction, with better retention.



QSR companies are challenged with the limited time they have to spend with their customers. The focus of the visit is a fast, convenient meal, but the in-restaurant experience is what will either drive them to return or to seek other options in the future. Creating a  positive and memorable customer experience in the limited window that a typical customer will spend in the restaurant will be the key to building loyalty.


APEX connects key customer interactions across loyalty programs, offers, apps, in-restaurant and drive-through touch points to create intuitive and seamless customer experiences that increase guest count and engagement.


APEX For Energy

Digital transformation, changing regulations, and new industry structures are all impacting the traditional utility model. With the new world unfolding, digital opportunities are opening for utility companies to redefine products and services, support decentralized energy production, and build deeper customer relationships by moving from an energy asset-based focused to a more customer-centric focus.


APEX analyzes customer’s consumption patterns and triggers personalized communications and interactions that significantly improve customer retention, satisfaction, and ultimately ensure long-term profitability.