frequently asked questions


1. What makes Nexus different?

Great question! The consulting space is an increasingly crowded one, particularly in the area of analytics. There are a lot of little things we do differently that we believe make a huge and lasting impact. Here are 3 main ones:

  • 1) We believe analytics is an Art and Science and our solutions are both impactful and visually compelling.

  • 2) We aim to be an extension of your team being as passionate about your business as you are.

  • 3) We focus on delivering value not deliverables


2. What's behind the name Nexus Analytics?

So glad you asked! The word Nexus means a connection linking two or more things or the central and most important point or place. This speaks perfectly to what we believe and what we do - we connect data, analytics and tools to bring you the best insights. We link with you as your partner to achieve your objectives.


3. How do I select an analytics partner?

We are a start-up so competing against the big guys and creating awareness of what we do is always a challenge. But we believe this perceived disadvantage has served as our key differentiator for us. Being small allows us to forge close and meaningful relationships and always focus on you. It allows you to have direct and reliable access to us. We might be small, but we have every bit of talent and experience as the big consultancies - we know because we once worked there.